Current Club Rules

Current for 2017-2018

  1. Each member, existing or new, will pay $2500.00 to join Big T Hunting Club. This amount is set for the 2016-2017 season.   
  2. Each adult guest must pay $50 per day with a 6 day limit per deer/turkey season. In addition to the guest fee, guest harvesting a buck must pay a $100.00 buck fee. If a buck is killed by a guest that does not meet the size/age criteria they will also pay the same fine as full member. There is no limit on does as long as it falls within state guidelines. The guest fee must be placed in labeled box next to the front door in the club house.  Each guest must sign the Guest Register provided. Each guest must be accompanied by a club member to be allowed to hunt. Each member may bring 1 guest only per day. It will be the member’s’ responsibility who brings the guest to insure that the guest fee is paid at the end of the hunt. Each Member can bring spouse or child under the age of 23 with no limit to days. A child above the age of 22 becomes a guest and is subject to guest fees and the 6 day limit. No guests are permitted after Jan 20th of deer/gun season. These days are reserved for members and members’ immediate family. There is an exception for out of state guest buying a 10 day or annual license. That being, they are allowed 10 days per deer/turkey season excluding the last two weeks of the deer season. (Jan 20th)
  3. No loaded firearms are permitted in the clubhouse for safety reasons. Holstered sidearms worn on your person are permitted as long as they are not left lying around. No loaded firearm will be left unattended on 4-wheelers or inside unlocked vehicles which are within the yard area of the Big T Club House. Again, this is for safety reasons, due to the fact that young children often visit the club. Any violations will be brought before the President and selected committee for possible fines and/or dismissal from the Club.
  4. Violating State Game Laws and hunting club rules will not be tolerated. Any member who is caught baiting, night hunting, or killing illegal game will be recommended for dismissal from the Big T. Keep in mind the bag limit on deer is “one buck and one doe” per day with a total of three bucks allowed per season. There will be no refunds for members dismissed during the season, deer or turkey.  For other violations, the President and selected committee will make a decision on the penalty. Keep in mind, the member is responsible for his or her guest and may be held accountable for them. Feeding is ONLY permitted from February 11th through March 1st and May 1st through October 1st of each year. Regardless of the State of Alabama defining what constitutes baiting, the Membership has taken a Zero tolerance stance on this issue. Any member caught hunting over bait will be dismissed on the spot and asked to leave.
  5. Hunters must stay in their stands or in the areas they choose to hunt that is designated by placing an initialed sticker on the map for this designated area which is located in the clubhouse. There should be no vehicles, four wheelers, etc., traveling in areas where hunters are marked on the map.  
  6. A map is located on the wall inside the clubhouse. (You can’t pin out the night before you hunt.) No one shall pin out before 04:00 am. Each hunter must remove the sticker for the stand or area he or she chooses to hunt upon leaving his hunting area. A member may mark only one area. The only exception to this is if a member has a guest then the member can mark another area for the guest. This must be done on the day you wish to hunt. You cannot reserve stands or areas to be hunted. Stands or areas must be chosen on a daily basis. No other person or persons should go in these areas for that day unless it is for the sole purpose of tracking or retrieving game.

All kills must be logged into designated logbook for Deer and Turkey. Each member or guest is responsible for taking a picture of bucks killed. All bucks harvested must be recorded via picture and texted or emailed to the club President. The Club President will keep a photo record of each buck harvested. Each member will be responsible for making sure these pictures get taken.  

  1. Bucks harvested must be (8) points or better (4pts per side).  If a hunter harvests a buck with 4 points on the right side and the left side is broke off, this buck is legal. Each Hunter is allowed one “alibi” buck during gun season. An “alibi” being a button buck shot for a doe. All efforts should be made not to shoot an “alibi”.  A “cow horned spike” and 4 pts etc do not count as “alibi” bucks. Any violation of these rules will result in a fine of $150.00 for the first offense, a fine of $300.00 for the second offense, and $600.00 on the third offense.  No basket racked bucks are to be killed. Only mature bucks are permitted to be harvested. If a member is fined, the fine must be paid before being permitted to hunt again.  A member will get a new start each season. The only exception to this rule is if a Member, Guest, Child or Spouse kills his or her first buck. If your child has already harvested a “first” buck, please don’t allow them to harvest another smaller buck. No does are to be shot on green fields. The only exception to this is the youth weekend, opening weekend and the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend (Thur-Sun) and is for the kids only. Kids may harvest one doe off of a green field during those days only. Kids are children under the age of 16 are not required to purchase a hunting license.  For children 16 yoa and older who are required to purchase a license, all  rules will apply. Greenfields (does) may be hunted during the archery season. Only one buck and one doe may be legally harvested per day with a total of three bucks per season. A Buck at Big T is defined as having the required parts to be a buck, and will count against the three bucks allowed to be taken.
  2. Each member is required to attend and participate in at least two (2) work weekends per year. Any member not attending any work days will be assessed an additional $500.00. These fines are due no later than the first day of bow season. If not paid by this date the member will not be allowed to hunt. The work weekends for this year are set for the weekend of Sept 17th & 18th, 24th & 25th, and Oct 1st & 2nd.
  3. Members and guests are prohibited from hunting within 50 yards of the right-of-way of any public road, or discharging a firearm across any public road or right-of-way), or within sight of any house or public property.
  4. Deer carcasses will not be deposited in lakes, creeks, streams, etc. and no carcass pits near water sources. It is the responsibility of the member who dresses deer behind the clubhouse to dispose of guts/carcasses on the same day. The club has designated an area for disposal. It is located in the cutover behind the practice field of Chambers Academy and adjacent to the old railroad track.
  5. Joyriding and tearing up the roads on Big T Hunting Club land is prohibited at all times. During hunting seasons, there will be no riding of roads on the hunting club property at night time unless a member or guest is trying to locate deer that has been wounded. County roads that cross through the property are not included. The President and his appointed committee will assess fines for these actions and terminate membership if necessary.
  6.  The lake area has been designated as a “Sanctuary” and is not to be hunted by any members or guest during gun deer season. It may however be bow hunted. The last field on the left is the only lake field available to gun hunt during the season.
  7.  Each member is responsible for turning off all lights, water, etc, if you are the last person leaving club.  During winter months it is essential that each member being the last to leave the club, understands how to drain lines and shut water off before leaving. This process of shutting the water off and draining lines must be done correctly to prevent pipes from bursting. During the season when not in the bedrooms, please turn off or down any heaters to conserve on the power bills.
  8. Each member must lock cable or gate back upon leaving a hunting area. All locks are keyed alike so that one key or combo can access all locks.
  9. A “Post Season” meeting will be held on Feb 24th 2018 with a $300.00 non refundable deposit due at that time. This is to hold your slot and to pay any unforeseen bills incurred during the season. Money due for membership is broken down into payments to make paying our leases easier throughout the summer. The first $1050.00 is due by May 10th and the final $1050.00 is due by July 10th. A 10% late fee will be assessed to members late on their dues past the July 10th deadline. This is due to the club having to pay a 10% late fee on leases past their due date. Any member with an outstanding balance at the start of hunting season will not be allowed to hunt until they are paid up in full. There will be no mail-out notices of these meetings.  Members will be notified by e-mail or phone only for called meetings and workdays. It is the member’s responsibility to keep phone numbers and email addresses current.
  10. All new members have a one year probationary period. Numerous rule infractions may result in not being asked to rejoin the club. Existing members will be brought before a committee of the President’s choosing if an existing member becomes a problem.
  11. There are approx 23 bunks in the camp house. Members staying in the camp house will at their request have a bunk assigned to them. All other non assigned bunks are open to guest or kids.
  12. While alcoholic beverages are permitted, drunken and boisterous behavior will not be tolerated.
  13. Due to some changes in the lease requirements, each member and dependant will be required to provide proof of a valid hunting license in the form of a xerox copy, to be forwarded to the land management companies. In addition to this, all deer harvested must not only be recorded in our harvest log, but logged into each separate lease harvest record. Alabama has made the Game Check mandatory from this season forward. The easiest way to comply with this new requirement is to download the Outdoor Alabama App to your smartphone. The app, once opened to game check tab, only requires that you answer four questions. Per the law, this needs to be done before the deer is transported. Complying with this also acts as your harvest record if you are checked by a warden. As long as you have your phone you will not have to carry the paper version.